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LG CNS is the global IT services company which enables digital innovation for customers. We have as principle to be a service of first class, providing advice on strategic planning, innovation of processes and tools of advanced technology, we meet all the challenges delivered results.

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Different Solutions

Different Solutions

In addition to several expertises, we deeper into knowing the routines of your segment and the details of each problem lived daily with their clients.

Innovation Tools

Innovation Tools

We offer customers a wide range of innovative tools to act in managing their businesses and campaigns.

Surprising Results

Surprising Results

Linking the specific knowledge with the most modern applications, we serve our customers giving maximum transparency in the exhibition results.

Our Solutions


Cityhub is a data-driven Plataform, which shares information by collecting and analyzing city data. And also provides services in various areas that can improve the quality of citizen’s life by storing, managing, analyzing data that are gathered through facilities, systems and external organizations.


As a prominent differential of LG CNS, the Intelligent Management of both its projects and their employees, prioritizes the individual qualities for efficient construction and personalized service to every demand.


Complementing our service differential, we have a team ready to respond to the most any doubts that may arise about our processes or products.

In addition, we provide personalized training on our tools and we take care to always be our customers in order to provide them with all the support that is necessary to find the best solutions to their demands.


With a focus on bringing the most intelligent solutions to projects, we have a Team of Creation able to develop, in the most diverse platforms, the most expressive results.

Attentive to the new tools and launches of the creative world, we elaborate our projects in order to reach the best answer with the most innovative ideas.

Smart CitySmart City

LG CNS provides a total service solution, from consulting and architeture design to system implementation and operation, by applying LG’s cutting edge smart technology to transportation to optimize traffic flow and facilitate eco-friendly and safe mobility.


Composed of a team of experts in its areas of expertise, different skills in order to establish the better guidelines for the conduct of projects.

Drawing each step with attention to the critical points and positive, we plan the execution in order to present results in their different phases, quantifying and qualifying the development so that we have a evolution throughout its process.


After gathering the information, plan the steps and create the guidelines for building each project, we started the development of its parts making use not only of of the most modern tools, but also a process intelligence that streamlines execution and optimizes the relationship between its different phases.


In order to achieve results that exceed expectations, we study the whole environment that surrounds the development in which we are engaged.

Understanding the different aspects that integrate the the requested project, such as the market in which it is the urgencies of which make it imperative, we establish a thorough analysis of the constituent elements and tools that will best meet customer demand.

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